Hydro Power

Hydro power is the Holy Grail of alternative power and sustainability when considering all the options available.

Survival Retreat Consulting always places the ability to operate a hydro power system on a property as the top criteria.

However, these properties can be rare depending upon the clients chosen locale and can be over many budgets. If sustainability is a top priority to your survival property search be prepared to act swiftly when we find your ultimate property.

With the advent of low head systems many more properties now qualify for hydro power. In the past upwards of eighty feet of head were required to operate these systems, now with the correct flow rate, a minimum of five to thirty feet will create plenty of power to run your sustainable survival retreat.

Depending upon the terrain layout of your survival property, the tail-water from the hydro system can be used in conjunction with issued water rights to fill and oxygenate a small stocked fish pond. One more sustainable source of protein and a back up to the Aquaponics systems.

Survival Retreat Consulting consistently recommends the Scott Hydro System*

*Discount available to SRC consulting clients.

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