This feature image was worth a laugh. But for those who wonder “What’s the big deal about a bunch of statues?” it would be educational to look at who is tearing down statues in the warzone.

Compare the feature image with this:

Alt-left is a newer term now describing all the leftist elements no longer interested in democratic debate, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. If you’ve seen pictures of the violent protests from either group, it highlights that apparently the time for “having a dialogue” is over.

Peace-loving BLM protestors.

Peace-loving antifa protesters.

We don’t encourage violence at American Redoubt. But we do encourage preparedness.

The ideological enemy has declared full-out war, to include physically attacking you, permanently blinding you, or seeking your permanent unemployability, all because you disagree with them. If you pretend that you can still live like it is a more idyllic, peaceful decade of US History, you’ll earn what you get.

Preparedness looks like this guy from an American Redoubt 4th of July parade:

This is what you call a “hard target.”
He’s not looking for a fight and is on his way to celebrate our country and its history and freedoms that the Alt-Left is violently whitewashing. If any Alt-Left “peaceful” protestors had shown up at that parade that day, they would have steered clear of this man and his family.

The presence of many men like this in the American Redoubt is part of why the Alt-Left has little interest in this area yet. Major cities present much softer targets.

The Antifa Message

A shockingly effective meme recently making the rounds highlights the awfulness of the antifa message:

An alternate version uses the same photo and logo but is captioned, “53% of white women voted for Trump, so 53% of white women need to look like this.”

Some moderates from the bow-tie-conservative class complain that this is not a real antifa ad published by anitfa, therefore it is lying and we “mustn’t sink to their levels.”

I am opposed to lies, because I stand for truth and truth always wins. However, the words are from antifa and the meme does highlight the brutal reality of their rhetoric. Take any leftist rant on social media about how people who disagree on social justice issue X need to die or be raped or some other horrific atrocity, and pair a screencap of their words with the shocking picture of a victim. It doesn’t mean the social media poster committed the crime, but it does highlight the brutal reality of their words.

For all the moderates out there wringing their hands about “sinking to the enemy’s level,” consider this article from this morning:

An armed Antifa group is launching a new cell in Philadelphia, with support from the “alt-left” alternative media.

The group currently hosts anti-police workshops called “Our Enemies in Blue.” The group draws inspiration from convicted murderers and calls for violence against the police, theft of goods, and armed insurrection.

For the moderates to be consistent, the solution would be to disarm all police so that when they get shot at, they are not tempted to “sink to the enemy’s level.” When the police show up to deal with the protestors pictured above (if the city sends them), maybe they could just ask politely until the violence stops. That sounds pretty civilized, doesn’t it? In fact, let’s have the hand-wringing bow-tie conservatives on the front line to show our boys in blue how it should be done.

A cop follows moderate advice about not sinking to the enemy’s level.

And then we can exchange our military’s weapons for pamphlets about the superiority of democracy and the American way. If we beat our guns into plows, surely the Russians, Iranians, and North Koreans will follow in our example!

War is evil. War is hell. But sometimes it is a necessary evil to defend that which is good and right. The difference is intent, not conduct. Do you want war? If not, good, but the enemy wants it. And when they engage it, are you willing to use every tool necessary to bring a swift and certain end to the violence?

The Christian apologist (defender of the faith) Ravi Zacharias often receives a question from hostile audiences: “What if a man broke into your house and is going to kill your family unless you kill him first?”

His response (which I’ve heard on multiple occasions) is always, “A situation in which you must choose between the lesser of two evils is itself an evil situation. There is no right answer. Yes, I would kill to defend my family. But the fact that I would respond in violence in that evil situation does not translate to a general rule allowing me to carry a baseball bat on the streets and attack people in advance.”

I’ve seen this attitude lived out all over the American Redoubt. There are many patriots who would kill if pushed in such an evil situation. They may even walk the streets armed – but not for the purpose of going on the offensive or engaging in attacks of pre-emptive self-defense. They don’t want to escalate a violent situation any further than needed to defuse the situation. They aren’t itching to kill someone, even if he deserves it.

The problem with the conservative moderates is that they would have you believe that in the evil situation with antifa violently protesting in your neighborhood, there is a right answer – to lay down your arms, not sink to anitfa’s level, and hope nothing bad happens. Maybe I’ll take their advice seriously when I see news stories of them living it in action.