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How To Homeschool

We’ve gotten a few inquiries from folks interested in eventually homeschooling their kids as part of a strategic relocation, yet neither parent has any background in it and they are uncertain where to begin or if they have what it takes. Here’s a few starter tips on how to do it, and how to get into it if you decide it is right for your family.

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Sunday Scenery 14

Do you take a day to rest from your labors and the big city rat-race? If you relocated to the Redoubt and saw a view like this every morning before heading to work, how much more rested, relaxed, and content would you be? And even better than other regions of the country with great scenery, the government tends to leave us alone in the Redoubt. Patriotic freedom is in the air in this picture.

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Sunday Scenery 13

This scene is a railbed converted to a bike trail in mid-Idaho. There are several miles like this. If you relocated to a homestead nearby, you’d be hidden…but close enough to enjoy recreation like this on a regular basis. Think of the views you and your family could see while riding this trail. It would never get boring.

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Sunday Scenery 12

Many folks wonder if there are properties where they can set up a personal shooting range. Well, what’s the range of your weapon? If you had a parcel with a property line somewhere on the pictured field or at the foot of the mountain, will the bullets you practice with even fly that far? For pistol, shotgun, and smaller rifles, no problem. For long range rifles, better own part of that mountainside and you’re set.

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