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Have You Felt The Economic Recovery?

Is this image the secret to unlimited financial wealth? Someone is sure it is, to the tune of $14 million.
A recent post by Peter Grant ties together several of the malignant problems in our economy. Asking how it affects you should prompt you to action before it is too late.

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Sunday Scenery 9

All the Sunday Scenery images we post are confirmed photos from the Redoubt, taken either by our own writers’ hands or pulled from various other sources. Yes, this IS what it really looks like out here. At least half of the retreats and homesteads I’ve visited professionally were built to capture views like the scenery we post.

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Montana News

Montana among fastest growing states Montana is in the top 15 states when it comes to growth in America, having gained more than 10,000 people last year. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Utah was the fastest growing state in...

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Elite Pedophiles being taken down

Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer says that over 3,000 pedophiles belonging to an elite pedophile ring have been arrested, amid a total blackout by the mainstream media.  By: anon67 [YNW] Michael Zimmerman at the NRA’s annual...

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Sunday Scenery 8

Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on some of the closest family ties. And that’s one reason our writers love the Redoubt and want to share that excitement with our readers – we think this is the best region in the country to raise a family, free from government interference.
Let the mothers in your life know you appreciate their sacrifices to raise up the next generation.
And the Redoubt is here, where you can raise a family in the way folks did back before the nanny state barged in.

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Avoiding Apocalypse Prediction Burnout

Does it seem like every other day there’s a new prediction about how everything is going to end and we’re all doomed? Are you tired of taking action to be prepared, only to see the predictions fail to pass again and again? Here’s how to stay mentally fresh and sort good predictions from bad. Redoubt Analyst is back after a brief hiatus with some strategies to avoid mental fatigue as you prepare for the end.

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New Resource: Winter Weather

We’ve received several questions lately about how tough the winters are in various regions of the Redoubt. Most folks simply look to annual snowfall as saying it all. But here is a set of maps showing by county how many winter weather warnings and advisories were issued in a five year period. The results may surprise you.

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