Since most Preppers are more conservative in nature this leads to many of our clients having extensive knowledge in the defensive genre (firearms, tactics, medical trauma care et cetera) and end up lacking the necessary skills to grow the food year round enabling them to live full time at their retreat when a major event unfolds.

Enter the ‘Redoubt Hippie’ as we have coined it. If you only read one post on this blog, let it be this one. Remember, Food Production comes before Defense! If you can’t produce food why would you stay at a property? You’ll have nothing to defend! The key criteria are; Water + Alt. Energy = Food = Self Sufficiency and thus a property worthy of defending!

We have listed a new Resource Page for this site under ‘Redoubt Hippie Permaculture‘.

Here is an intro to some of the great information on the resource page.

Welcome to the honorary Redoubt Hippie, Paul Wheaton. He is the tyrannical dictator of, the largest and most intensive permaculture forum on the planet. Paul is a certified master gardener and permaculture designing guru. If you need to know anything about growing food or sustainability in any climate (especially Idaho and Montana!) he’s the the permaculture messiah. Paul built an empire around what he calls, ‘infecting brains with permaculture’. The forums are full of rich information, and there are a number of great free resources, guides, and articles that can be found on his sister site, as well.

Most recently, he has worked with rocket mass heater experts Ernie and Erica in developing a DVD set on making your own rocket mass heater, and has produced another video series on permaculture gardening, which detail how to use Hugelkultur, Swales, and natural ponds to capture and utilize water without irrigation. His recent work with natural buildings based on Mike Oehler’s designs have resulted in the creation of the Wofati, a semi underground natural home design similar to the Earthship concept.

Crowned the Duke of Permaculture by Geoff Lawton and the Bad Boy of Permaculture by the Occupy Monsanto movement, Paul continues to educate and inspire at his property – dubbed Wheaton Labs – in western Montana outside Missoula, where he conducts experiments in permaculture and natural building, hosts workshops, and entertains the curious passerby. More information on stays at the property can be found here.

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