No, Gmail’s not going away. But they might be cutting you off any day now. Have you committed thoughtcrime in any of your supposedly private Gmail communications?

Lots of people use Gmail. They made it a pretty attractive free service, and millions of Americans and millions of others around the world got on board.

But imagine logging in tomorrow and finding that your entire email archive is gone, as is your contact book, your blog, and any other websites or data hosted on Google services? Do you have backups? Or did you just lose everything?

Think it can’t happen? It already has. Exhibit A: an ordinary math professor, Salil Mehta, adjunct professor of statistics at Columbia and Georgetown.

On Friday afternoon East Coast Time by surprise, I was completely shut down in all my Google accounts (all of my gmail accounts, blog, all of my university pages that were on google sites, etc.) for no reason and no warning. A number of us were stunned and unsure, but clearly we know at this point it wasn’t an accident.

He just logged in one day and found everything gone. No warning. No reason. And not an accident. I recently shared the iceberg moment of the Google purges. Now the rot pours forth, and we get a glimpse of how deep it goes. The employees at Google are more fanatically PC than an Antifa rally, and they hold the keys to a significant slice of the internet. They also can read your email. Didn’t you know?

Ever since Google first introduced its free Gmail email service some 13 years ago, it has been analyzing the text of emails to personalize advertising displayed both within Gmail and elsewhere. Privacy advocates and concerned users alike have long criticized this as a far-reaching intrusion, but most other free email services have been doing the same — or at least reserved the rights to do so — for years.

Does this mean that Google will stop looking at your email? Not exactly. The company has also long been scanning Gmail accounts for other reasons, and in fact increased product personalization based on the emails you get over the years.

The Google app on your phone, for example, knows when your next flight is leaving, and whether or not it has been delayed, based on emails you get from airlines and travel booking sites. Similarly, Google Calendar has begun to automatically add restaurant reservations and similar events to your schedule based on the emails you are getting. Google also has for some time automatically scanned emails for links to potentially fraudulent sites, as well as to filter out spam.

Remember, if you think you are getting a product for free, then YOU are the product.

I’m glad I got off free email services over a decade ago. Back then, the free ones had more draconian policies, like clearing your account and suspending it if you hadn’t simply logged in for 30 days, which can be hard to do if you are deployed with a combat unit. Because I was busy serving our country and defending freedom, I needed a service where I could keep my email because I had paid for it.

Ready and waiting for the Thought Police…

You may want to consider some paid alternatives as well, particularly ones with strong privacy rules like Startmail. It’s a newer service so it’s not as flashy and easy as Gmail or some of the others that have been refining their product for over a decade. But you can be sure they don’t read your emails, nor will they allow anyone else unless you are breaking the law, and with such severity that the order for access to your email is filed through their own nation’s courts.

Gmail, in the meantime, is apparently beginning to bump off anyone whom the SJW staff thinks has committed thoughtcrime.

A Trump supporter right where Google employees want him…

The math prof was lucky – his story went viral because he has a lot of friends in public places like ZeroHedge or the author Nicholas Nassim Taleb. The massive public outcry over this politically neutral professor being eliminated got his accounts restored. But still no explanation. From what I read, the only thing I can figure is that someone must have gotten offended because he did some statistical analysis for the Trump campaign. But no biggie – he did that for the Obama campaign before that. But now apparently, if you accept contracts from the wrong sorts of people, like alt-right personalities, or the current US President, then you’ll be scrubbed off the internet.

Some people have suggested that these internet tech giants should start being regulated like public utilities. That might be a good idea. Anyone know if the power company or city water is allowed to suspend service because you wrote an anti-muslim tweet and they didn’t like it? I’m pretty sure they can’t, but lawlessness even of our public officials is becoming increasingly celebrated by the left (as long as they are lawless in a way the SJW’s agree with).

All the more reason to get as independent as possible and start building your own network in a local neighborhood where you can survive the coming purges.