Though this video has been circulating the net for over a year, it just crossed our feeds again and we still found it to be a funny and frightening satire, and all around entertaining.

For the funny part, check out the video below and try to decide if it is a comedy short or a horror short.


Here’s the frightening part. If you laughed, then it is effective satire.

Satire is a form of humor based on figuratively holding up a mirror to the culture and having a laugh at how differently the culture sees itself from how it is portrayed. The typical South Park episode is bursting at the seams with satire, mocking any and all sides of the culture. It has other forms of humor too, but obscenity and fart jokes are not inherently satirical, though they could be employed in a satirical manner.

To be effective, satire must be well-rooted in the realities of what it reflects. This is why a satire from decades (or even centuries!) ago needs copious footnotes to explain the joke. An off-the-top-of-the-head example would be a satirical portrayal of a famous and vain man, in which some glaring flaw is portrayed which he cannot see (maybe all those Fabio jokes from the 90’s?). If you don’t know who the guy is then you will not understand what is funny.

A specific example would be this video produced (using the “Hitler Reacts” video meme) after the 2015 Hugo Awards in science fiction publishing [language warning]. If you followed this little corner of the culture war from the perspective of meritocracy rather than affirmative-action-diversity, then the satire hilarious. But if you don’t know the names and the criticism of SJW culture, most of the jokes would fly over your head. Who is Scalzi and what has that got to do with a dress? What are Dread Ilk? What’s the bit about Khaleesi, Jon Snow, and GRRM? (Hint: think of a major HBO series and what plot point it was at in 2015.) If you look to other videos using the same meme with Hitler ranting in his bunker, some are generic to human experience, and some require very precise knowledge of the subject. (Hitler bails out Cyprus is another that may be entertaining to Survival and Preparedness readers, using the same movie scene but slightly less specific knowledge.)

So why is this frightening? As I said, good satire requires an excellent reflection of reality. If you laughed at “Modern Educayshun” then you most likely experienced this stuff first-hand, heard about it second-hand, or read a good deal about it third-hand in news headlines. You likely thought to yourself, “Yeah, that is pretty much what education has become these days.” It’s not that any class is actually like this, exactly as portrayed, but that it highlights enough elements of real experience to create a believable mockery.

Good satire requires a good reflection of reality. As proof, here’s a drama unfolding this week along the lines mocked in the video:

  • Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim prof’s claim that Jesus wasn’t crucified – A knowledgeable college student is reported to the dean by the professor, saying she [the professor] feels unsafe after the student disagreed with her in class. Yet somehow, another student in class arguing that all homosexuals ought to be dismembered was fully tolerated by the professor. Ultimately, the Christian student is suspended from all classes at the college for one year, on the sole basis of the professor feeling “unsafe” because he disagreed, and then in response to a retributive failing grade cited several examples of the professor’s poor knowledge of her own subject.
  • Here’s the epic email suspended Christian sent his Muslim professor to challenge her flawed lessons – This is a follow-up to the first article. Many leftist sources are making hay about the “threatening email.” Here’s the whole context, and an addendum in which the professor admits in a police report that the student has never physically threatened her. So why would she feel unsafe?

It’s hilarious to watch the video. But it might not be so funny if you’ve chosen to send your kids into that meat grinder called “public education” (I would know, because that’s the system I went through. Then I graduated and have been filling the holes in my knowledge ever since.) It’ll sure give you pause to think about making that Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt.

If you’re looking for alternatives, you might want to dig into our resource on Home Schooling Laws. Even if both parents work, there are solutions to be found if you want to pursue them. Don’t be trapped. Give your kids a better future than the government has planned for them.

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