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Are you Prepared to Survive?

During the next collapse, folks won’t be so well behaved as to stand nicely in line. Be Ready!



How to get into position? After the property has been purchased and retrofitted for Water, Alternative Energy and Defensibility, what now? The next step is the Food Production system. The design and planning of this critical element of the survival property will ultimately define your ability to Thrive and not just Survive in the coming socioeconomic collapse.

Designing your food production systems to be in sync with each-other is vitally important to deliver healthy, organic, nutrient dense food through standard permaculture designs depending upon your regional and local micro-climate. How the food systems are integrated into the actual landscape will play a role in the success of the systems and your overall happiness. Food that is grown year round and easily accessible when there is inclement weather will be an important factor in your own design and planning process. Remember that growing your own food should be a fun activity, not a burdensome chore.


Aquaponics is a unique farming method that combines aquaculture and agriculture. The nutrient dense water from fish waste is circulated to plants via a closed loop system. For those that plan to run retreats from alternative energy, this system should be a top priority, however please remember it’s not a replacement for standard soil permaculture on the property and inside a heated greenhouse.


Subterranean Heating and Cooling System – SHCS – otherwise known as the Climate Battery, is an innovative approach to optimized solar greenhouse heating and cooling design that uses the principle of phase-change for heat exchange. 

The magic of phase change is the conversion of liquid to vapor and back again that drives the SHCS.  The system functions like a simple refrigeration system, moving heat from one place to another. A typical 1200 square foot greenhouses needs only the equivalent equipment and running costs of a single large household refrigerator!  

By slowly circulating all of the hot, moist daytime air of the greenhouse down underground where it is always cooler than the greenhouse air, the SHCS design forces the vapor to condense.  By doing so, the solar heat as well as the chemical heat from the plant photosynthesis that was required to evaporate the moisture in the first place is forced into the soil.  The “miracle” is that by inducing temperature change over the phase change barrier we have the potential to harness 5 times the energy normally the case if we simply tried to solar heat objects cluttering up your precious greenhouse floor space.  By inducing this “dewpoint” condition in the soil of the greenhouse, the plant roots are always being bathed in warm, moist conditions – the perfect balance for plants and solar greenhouses. 

The space is heated by the massive amount of radiating solar heat stored in the soil under the greenhouse. For extreme cold weather climates the greenhouse can be backed up by a wood fired boiler with hydronic floor heat where the Aquaponics system is located. The Aquaponics system should be adjacent and attached to the greenhouse, however the hydronic lines should not interfere with the climate battery system.

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