Two articles I recently saw on the same day really hammered home why America is going through the terminal pain we see around us. Too many are so focused on individual “trees” in the first world that they’ve totally lost sight of the “forest” outside of their comfortable borders.

A First World Problem

The first article I do not expect to be of interest to our readers except in contrast to the second. Alone, it might serve as a minor case study in identifying SJW thought, but if the subject doesn’t interest you, don’t worry. I’ll just pull out the useful bits here.

A few days ago someone asked me to analyze and comment on an article that was recently sweeping specific segments of social media, garnering “likes” and positive comments on Facebook and such. The title is “10 Overlooked Truths of the ‘True Love Waits’ Movement.” The article is focused on a small subset of conservative evangelical Christian practices. Specifically, some groups of Christians teach a specific focus out of their religious beliefs that sexual intimacy should be reserved until marriage. The article in question is more of a critique than a rebuttal of the practice.

For those who’ve listened to the major conservative radio talk shows, you’ll understand when I say, it is an example of shifting the Overton Window on the topic to the left. In summary, the author is not outright opposing the movement, but seeking to ‘loosen things up and allow some wiggle room for a half step to the left.’

Teaching chastity is outdated. Soon it will be child abuse.

More specific points of analysis I provided was that I saw serious equivocation going on in point 1. Equivocation is the trick of using one word to refer to two different concepts, and switching from one concept to another mid-argument. I see this author equivocating the Christian understanding of “purity” (referring to spiritual renewal upon being forgiven of all sin) with a physical and secular concept of purity (referring to a high standard of virginity). Under Christian belief, every believer was previously a sinner (wrong-doer), now forgiven of those sins in God’s judgment because the penalty was paid by another. However, point one is attempting to do away with the consequence of said sins. Shifting to a different category of wrongdoing, a murderer or a thief does not get to say, “I’m now a Christian and forgiven by God, therefore I should not have to do jail time for my evil deeds.” Physical and social consequences for evil are often separate from overall spiritual judgment on the individual. The Christian scriptures contain many, many examples emphasizing this in consequences suffered by David, Solomon, Moses, and many others.

Point number seven is a prime example of trying to create “wiggle room” by saying there is no ‘rulebook’ so everyone can draw the line for themselves. The author contradicts herself in the span of two sentences by first quoting God saying, “be careful to obey my rules,” and following that with, “The best thing we can do for younger generations is not to hand them a rulebook of do’s and don’ts.” In point of fact, I read and hear quite a bit of church agony over youths asking, “How far is too far in my dating relationship?” and their churches and counselors having no idea how to answer. This author is only contributing to that confusion.

Point 4 particularly jumped out at me as a commonly recycled and heavily debunked false statistic. “1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are victims of sexual abuse during childhood. 1 in 6 American women is a victim of an attempted or completed rape.” This flows from leftist hysteria about an epidemic “Rape Culture” all over America and how in order to solve it we need to jettison bedrock American principles like due process, rules of evidence, and basic justice. The author includes this in order to expand an unfairly affected segment to as large a size as possible. It’s like gay marriage arguments (back before Obergefell) claiming that 10% of the US population is gay (a heavily discredited figure from Kinsey) when in fact it is closer to between 1% and 2%. The point in the subject article is that chastity should not be encouraged amongst religious youth because it hurts the feelings of vast swaths of youths who can’t help it through no fault of their own. This is exactly parallel to decades of pro-gay-marriage arguments that led to Obergefell. Where does this author’s subject end? Criminalization of any encouragement of chastity in religious youths?

The author’s bio blurb also tells a lot to the careful eye.

“…is a wife, campus minister, and coffee drinker living my questions in Oxford, MS, and is pursuing a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. You can follow her blog at…”

This is what the author most wants folks to know about herself. This is the image she wants readers to think of when they see her name.

  • Wife – i.e. speaking from a married (and more knowledgeable) viewpoint. Wife also connotes higher status in these circles.
  • Campus minister – cleared the screening to hold a higher and trusted position. Involved in some form of teaching, not necessarily in the classroom.
  • pursuing a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics – for those not familiar with theological vocabulary, apologetics is essentially Greek for “legal defense.” The Christian apologist is a specialist in defending the tenets of their faith; the sort of person who volunteers for a public debate against an atheist or other viewpoint. The author wants you to know she is engaged in master’s level studies (more status) but is honest in saying she has not yet completed those studies.
  • follow her blog – she’s a blogger, so she has enough drive to share her thoughts that she maintains a blog out in the web.
  • coffee drinker – fun, social, happening… not one of those stuffy, boring theologians who lectures you with detailed answers
  • living my questions – again, not one of those stuffy, boring theologians who lectures with all the answers. She’s living her questions and not necessarily finding answers, even though she’s enrolled in a master’s program specialized in having the answers, is teaching youth the answers through a campus ministry role, blogging about those answers, and a trusted person of status.

Leftist Hysteria

The rape stat and rhetorical use of it particularly jumped out at me as a warning bell that the author was up to no good. A Christian is supposed to be honest, and a Christian apologist better have their facts straight or else suffer public humiliation when stepping up to the plate. Looks like we’ve got an SJW wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing at work here.

The author footnotes the source, but does not give a link or any specifics. Googling the exact institution cited results in only this author’s blog article. Changing to search for the statistic itself led to this source which appears to be what the author pulled her sole statistic from. Unfortunately, it in turn cites another source, but gives only an author link and an institution link with no specific articles, so the trail dead ends there without finding an original study.

Another leftist tactic: throw in a citation to make it sound official, even if the citation is vague or nonexistent because it stands solely on assertion.

Digging in another direction, here is some debunking of the commonly quoted “Rape Culture” stat:

A lot of these deal with a “1 in 5” stat for all women, when the original author mentioned “1 in 6.” Isn’t this a different thing? No, first it was 1 in 6, then 1 in 5, now 1 in 4. “1 in 6” appears to come from this organization: RAINN. Their 1 in 6 stat points to citation 5, which points to the flawed CDC studies debunked above.

Basically, the rape figure is inflated that high by using very small, non-representative, volunteer sample groups. These folks are asked if they have ever had sexual contact while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The yes responses include cases of wanted as well as unwanted contact, and inebriated as well as incapacitated. Incapacitation is included in formal legal definitions of rape. Inebriation is not. All of these are then “defined” by the surveyors as “rape.”

Leftists scream that American women are every bit as tough as American men and should be included in front line combat amongst SEALs and other special forces, but then want us to believe that inebriation (for which both men and women would be held responsible for decision making like getting behind the steering wheel of a car) somehow means that women cannot give consent for intimate acts, but men can.

A society cannot function with this level of cognitive dissonance. Either the girls are as tough as male Navy SEALs, or else they are the “weaker vessel” deserving protections when inebriated that men do not deserve in similar circumstance.

The 2nd Article

All of the above are basically the thoughts that came to mind with 5 minutes of analysis and response on the initial article. My personal takeaway was along the lines of, “Yet another SJW mole undermining a traditional value by leaning on the false narrative of an American Rape Culture.”

A few hours later, I stumbled across this gut-punching headline:

I’ve watched a lot of gory Hollywood flicks in my time, but my mind cannot even visualize this level of evil. I mean, what kind of monstrous human male can even maintain an erection in the midst of that grotesque bloodbath?

I know America has its own undercurrent of criminal pedophiles and I’ve heard of infants rescued from the very arms of adults having their way with them. But the stuff in the Islamic world is on a whole other level of evil.

I won’t browbeat our readers with a narrative description of what would have happened in this grotesque event. But if you want to understand the level of evil outside American borders, try to imagine in full detail the bloody reality of that unborn baby and what was done to it and the bloody reality of what was done to the mother as well after having her abdomen slashed open and her unborn child tortured to death in front of her.

This is what goes on in the world outside America. I recently cited another example of ‘real rape culture’: “Boyfriend forced to watch as refugee rapes his girlfriend at knifepoint during camping trip in Germany.” Key word: “refugee.” But at least it wasn’t gun violence, right? Sensible gun control laws to the rescue! Oh, wait…

Consider these two headlines and the regions where the evildoers are from. Then consider that leftists in America want to import as many folks from those regions as possible because, “diversity is our strength!”

Even if we somehow manage to not import any of the real monsters, we are still brining in people from the very culture that creates those sort of monsters, and encouraging the immigrants to maintain and celebrate their culture in our midst instead of assimilating. If that culture created those sort of monsters there, it can recreate them here within our borders. And that’s assuming we don’t import any of the actual monsters, even though the vetting process is effectively being done with a blindfold.

The Forest and The Trees

You would think that a college campus in America is one of the safest places in the world for a young woman to be. And you’d be correct. But the leftists in America would scream that you’re wrong, and paint a horror story that leaves you wondering how the college manages to get photos in their brochures showing smiling, carefree students happily walking to class. I mean, aren’t all the men lurking in bushes while the women are cowering in fear in their dorms because they’re more likely to get raped than roll ‘snake-eyes’ upon walking out the door? I mean, 1 in 4 odds is the same as a pair of coin flips. If you get “tails” and “tails” then you get raped before making it to class. Why do we even send our daughters to these barbaric realms called ‘college’?

Meanwhile, Islamic regions of the world are described as the realm of the “Religion of Peace.” And leftists in America seek to import people freely from these areas.

Could have been worse. At least she didn’t go to an American college…

In reality, evil is happening there which we haven’t even seen yet in America, while pampered American SJW’s complain that we are cruelly hurting feelings when conservative evangelical Christians teach their youth to pursue chastity according to their religion.