Musings of a Rogue Infidel: If we think that President Trump is the hero of the Patriot Movement, and he will bring back true Liberty, and stop the NSA from spying on us, we are all gravely miscalculating who the Deep State really is and how much power they have. They assassinated JFK because he refused to play along, and President Trump will roll over, just watch. Forget health care, who gives a damn about that, who cares about a border wall, that’s bullshit and will never protect us from the real enemy; our own ‘Deep State’ Government. Yes, I’ll be the first to say it. It mattered not if Hillary or Trump won, the fix was and still is, in. Don’t kid yourself, the end game is here. Get ready folks, by the fourth year of the Trump Presidency (if we make it that far) Amerika will be a totalitarian Police State.

Just like some Blacks thought Obama would save them, we thought Trump was the Patriots savior. At 100 days in and I already see it, it’s over folks. I never got an ‘Obama Phone’…and I’m not holding my breath for a ‘Trump Tactical Rifle’.

You better post haste your plans to the safety of the American Redoubt before some false flag requires the blue helmeted ‘Peacekeepers’ on US soil to quell the violence. Foreign troops on US soil? Hell no.

Think I’m crazy? EVERYTHING that Snowden talks about in this video is STILL HAPPENING!