Recent news from Denver goes to show how far the left will reach to protect criminals and abuse its own constituents. We’ve previously highlighted the problem of embracing lawlessness in “Sanctuary Cities” but this takes it to a new level.

On May 22 the Denver City Council voted unanimously to reduce penalties for certain crimes. They framed it as helping the homeless and keeping Denver safe, welcoming, and open.

Safe for whom?

Welcoming and open to whom?

Here’s what’s going on. Illegal immigrants convicted of a crime with a sentence of at least 365 days are automatically reported to the feds for possible deportation. But Denver loves their illegals so much, they don’t want to risk them being deported. (Otherwise, how will they signal how virtuous they are? – as if they totally would have marched for civil rights back in the day, had they been there…) So, Denver is simply reducing the sentencing for common crimes committed by illegals to a maximum of 364 days to avoid the federal trip wire.

I mean, they’re already here in blatant violation of our laws. Wouldn’t want further flaunting of our laws to risk removing them from our country, right?

In a speech afterwards, the mayor of Denver said, “This is not about shielding violent people and I will not play political games with the safety of our community. This is about protecting the rights and livelihoods of our people…”

So, the mayor’s people are non-citizen folks present in violation of law, who technically cannot even vote for mayor?

The mayor’s people. Hard working all right…

And he says he’s not shielding violent people. Let’s take a look at the list:

The ordinance creates new sentencing categories that carry different penalties. Most municipal offenses will carry a maximum of 300 days in jail and up to a $999 fine. The ordinance also creates “Class 1” and “Class 2” offenses.

Class 1 offenses, which carry a maximum jail one-year jail sentence and/or a $999 fine.

  • Bias-motivated offenses
  • Sexually-motivated offenses
  • Offenses against at-risk persons
  • Assault on a law enforcement officer
  • Assault with serious bodily harm
  • Assault with strangulation
  • Habitual domestic violence offender

Class 2 offenses, which carry a maximum 60-day jail sentence and no fine.

  • Sitting or lying in the public right-of-way
  • Unauthorized camping on public or private property prohibited
  • Urinating or defecating in public
  • Panhandling
  • Curfews and closures
  • Storage and loading
  • Prohibitions
  • Solicitation on or near street or highway

So the mayor and city council unanimously applaud reducing the sentence for assault on cops, assault with serious bodily harm, and assault with strangulation. Oh, and if they constantly beat the woman and kids, repeat offenses are now more acceptable.

Tell us again, mayor, how you’re not shielding violent people.

Some other, saner folks have made a big deal about how Denver is now cool with public urination and defecation. It is actually a big deal.

Coming soon to Denver streets: the mayor’s people enjoying the new public facilities.

When I lived on the outskirts of a sanctuary city on the east coast, the home inspector I had hired complained in conversation about inspections in the inner city areas, where diverse peoples who drastically increased the population without increasing the tax base would commonly fill drink bottles with urine and toss them out the bedroom window, simply because they were to lazy to walk to the bathroom in the house. Apparently the home inspector did not appreciate the multicultural benefits of having to watch their step to avoid stepping in sewage while working.

Leftists in my social media links still routinely fly into rants about vaccination.

“Look! Here’s a pre-WWII photo of a kid in an iron lung due to polio! If you know a family who doesn’t vaccinate, then your kids are probably going to end up like this! If you don’t vaccinate your kids, then you are an evil person putting all our vaccinated kids at risk and your own children should be taken from you!”

Never mind that back when the photo was taken, they thought DDT was to blame. (In reality, DDT was likely causing an immune system suppression because the severe complications from polio spiked significantly during the DDT years.) And never mind that modern medical technology has come a long, long way from when the photo was taken.

Polio hasn’t occurred naturally in the USA since the early 1970’s. It’s been eradicated for some time. Someone who lives their whole life in the US and isn’t vaccinated against polio is not going to spontaneously give you polio by walking into the room. First, they would have to come into contact with the virus, which means travel to countries where the disease is not eradicated, or contact with illegal immigrants from those countries who haven’t been screened for such diseases because they are “undocumented.” Second, from the World Health Organization: “Polio viruses are spread predominantly by the faecal–oral route.” In other words, you need to ingest trace amounts of sewage, perhaps in your drinking water or while swimming at the lake or public pool. (Less common: oral-oral route, meaning snogging with the infected.)

This is why we can’t have a disease-free region. What’s the disease risk here?

But the leftists from cloud-cuckooland who rule the big cities rant about how unvaccinated (uninfected) kids are putting vaccinated kids at risk of catching the diseases their vaccines supposedly made them immune to, but then turn around and protect violent lawbreakers who may have come from infected regions and could easily be carriers of these diseases which give the leftists cold sweats at night.

If you’re still in or near the big city, maybe it’s time to Flee The City.