Are you planning to come out to the American Redoubt to visit the region and scope out your Strategic Relocation?

While your out looking for that perfect property to buy, or maybe just getting to know the area for a move in the future, why not have some fun!?

VerTac North Idaho offers both scheduled classes AND Private Training Sessions upon request with full auto and suppressed firearms!

If you’re coming up for a weekend make sure to give them a call in advance to schedule a private day on the range, learn skills you’ll need and have fun. Afterwards head down to the local Micro-Brewery for good eats and suds! It doesn’t get any better in the American Redoubt!

The folks at VerTac are nothing short of bad-ass. Period. We all see in our dreams we are high speed operators, right? Yes. But let’s cut to the chase, most of us aren’t, like me. I was pretty darn good, and could operate my chosen rifle and pistol fairly well. I was optimistic I could handle most any situation…until I did some force-on-force training recently.

Everything changes when some scumbag is shooting back or charging you with a baseball bat. Trust me, any lack of skills becomes readily apparent, and fast. I found VerTac Firearms and took their fighting handgun and rifle courses and learned there is much more to fighting then sending rounds down range! Being able to manipulate the weapon inside your ‘workspace’ in all types of conditions, following set tactics and protocols along with learning better emergency procedures has brought me from ‘optimistic’ past ‘confident’ all the way to ‘I’m certain’ I can handle myself in a gunfight and protect my family.

The VerTac crew teaches hard core skills and techniques from the heart. Their life’s mission is to see you win. Period. They have taught my family to not just ‘survive’ an encounter, but to decisively win, without regret. I trust them with my life.

They will also set you up from the start with the right equipment, and then TRAIN you how to set it up properly ans use it effectively. Just ask. Need a real bug-out bag without all the bullshit? Ask. Need to understand what armor to buy and how to set up your carrier? Ask. How about combat communications for your family or group. Ask.

Finally, unlike most instructors, VerTac WILL teach you the Advanced Combat TACTICS you’ll need to actually operate in a hostile environment. Tired of the BS boot licking instruction you get in the Nanny States? Flee the Sanctuary City and come train hard in a relaxed yet motivated environment, and shoot rent a suppressor, or shoot a machinegun while your at it!

Here are a couple videos to give you an idea of what lays in wait for you in North Idaho! To contact or visit VerTac North Idaho CLICK HERE.