[Note: many of our climate resources originally come from the blog of PhD climatologist Brian Brettschneider. If you like his work, go check him out and give him some traffic!]

Another way to get a feel for a climate is to take a look at how far apart the extremes are. Which is worse: freezing cold, scorching heat, or putting up with both in the course of a year?

When it comes to planning your gear or your structures, one or the other extreme is definitely easier to deal with than both extremes. The smaller the margin between the two opposites, the less extreme your survival plans need to be.

To see this aspect of annual climate, Brian Brettschneider took a look at typical hottest summer temperature and typical coldest winter temperature (each over the same period) and then plotted the differences.

Looking across the Redoubt territory, it does tell you a bit about which regions will experience more extreme weather and which will not.

And here are the two maps of extremes which produced the map above.