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How to Hire Us.

First and foremost: We are an Equal Opportunity Housing Firm. Period.

However, we do discriminate based upon political beliefs. This means that Snowflakes, Liberals, Socialists, Marxists, Communists and other Tyrants that hate our Constitutional Republic and the Bill of Rights are not allowed to engage our services.

That’s right liberals, Rural America and the Redoubt is for law abiding Liberty-minded Patriots only. So go back to your sh#thole Sanctuary City and live in your crime infested streets. Stay away from our land.

We are conservative Constitutional Libertarians who believe you can do anything you want on your land as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Don’t preach to me and I won’t preach to you. Let’s disagree but respect one another. That’s my gun and you can’t have it, ever. Again, that’s NEVER.

Blue Lives Matter.

We support Blue Lives Matter and all State and Local law enforcement. Many are friends of ours, and we train with them on and off the range.

Here is how it works…Show respect, get respect. Reach for a gun and point it at an LEO and you’re going to get shot. Period. No apologies. Rant over…

That was fun. Ok, now we can get down to business…

We are not concerned with how much capital you are allocating for your Strategic Relocation. However, you’re required to show proof of such means in order to retain our confidential real estate or consulting services. We successfully help those that spend thousands all the way to millions, and we understand that for most clients, it’s every penny they can muster just to make their dreams come true. We’ve been in your shoes and we get it.

So, we are happy to begin a relationship with you at anytime and work hard for as long as it takes before your actual property purchase and subsequent relocation. However, we can only approve prospective clients that are willing to adhere to the following approval process.

  • Complete an online application below, please.
  • Complete a 15 minute exploratory conference call with us after which;

 Should both Parties see mutual benefit in a working relationship the following steps are required;

  • Sign an Exclusive Broker Representation / Referral Agreement
  • Provide proof of financial worthiness before you arrive to see property and make a purchase
    • Loan Pre Approval (We can refer you to a local bank or broker) or
    • Proof of Funds for all-cash transactions

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