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Category: US & World News

First World Problems

Two articles I recently saw on the same day really hammered home why America is going through the terminal pain we see around us. Too many are so focused on individual “trees” in the first world that they’ve totally lost sight of the “forest” outside of their comfortable borders.

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What’s Up With Trump?

Several folks have personally asked my opinion on the Trump/Syria/Korea/Kushner stuff and if this means Trump has already rolled over to play dead Republican like the RINO’s and Neocons. Response: Don’t fall for the MSM sleight-of-hand distractions.

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Informative News

Here are a few links to great articles that you may find interesting, especially if you’re hiding from your boss in the bathroom stall. Yes, we’ve all done that… Engineers: The next California earthquake could...

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Flee the Sanctuary Cities!

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