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Honest Leadership: JFK

It is shocking how fast Trump moved on the JFK file release, but he sets an example for honest leadership: making one’s deeds match one’s words as quickly as possible. America should hope this is a good sign for Trump’s other various promises.

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Strange Vegas Shooter

Five days in, there is still not an “official” narrative on the whole tragedy. But there are several odd details pulled together by others. Who scrubbed the FAA database of the guy and why? What was the “secret” life he’d been living? Why did this tragedy happen?

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Strategic Israel

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the opportunity a few weeks back to hear an unofficial briefing on the current strategic picture for Israel, given by a major in the IDF. Here is the intriguing summary of what he shared.

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The ‘We’re Still Right Awards’ – part 1

We don’t have a crystal ball here. We just point out the logical ends of the current zeitgeist, and an increasingly short-sighted public is increasingly unlikely to avoid those logical ends. As we see more and more opinion news talking about things we talked about some time ago, I increasingly wonder how accurate I will turn out to be on a “7-way split for the USA.”

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