Here’s a bit of humor which illustrates the importance of words and the wide gulf between thinking in leftist territory and thinking in patriot territory.

While this was originally posted as a translation guide for “Californian to Texan,” reviewing it as a Redoubt resident I find it would also help Californians adjust to life in the Redoubt. You could easily replace all occurrences of “Texas” or “Texan” with “Redoubt” and the guide still serve the purpose to humorously illustrate the divide in thinking.

Via the linked Forbes article, I would not want to see THAT many Californians coming to the Redoubt (and thankfully, I don’t) because odds are there’d be a significant enough percentage who didn’t learn their lesson in California that they begin changing the Redoubt into California.

But I do see some number of American Patriots fleeing California, and this guide may help them to fit in better in the Redoubt.

Maybe our Redoubt Patriots can check and see how well they speak Californian so as to welcome new patriots fleeing the leftist tyranny.