So there’s been talk since Trump was elected about removing suppressors from the NFA list and making them easier to manufacture and buy. Leftists are in need of a fainting couch and Larry Correia chimes in with hilarious comments. But should you buy now or wait a bit?

First, I recently recommended the writing of Larry Correia for sheer entertainment value. He writes to entertain, and earned a big black eye amongst the literati for making a big statement about how writers should be writing to entertain and not to lecture from a PC soapbox (see “Sad Puppies,” compare with NFL taking a knee).

I don’t know about you but I love to be entertained when reading, whether I read fiction during leisure time or read daily news or how-to articles. Someone skilled at turning a witty phrase or a humorous comment makes non-fiction so much less boring. Even great public speakers are known for a knack to get laughs from the audience throughout an otherwise serious talk.

But Larry Correia works hard for a living, and hasn’t had as much time in recent years for the sort of entertaining commentary he created in years gone by (like turning a political discussion about PBS funding and Sesame Street into tales of the stone cold black ops hitman with initials CM who got paid in cookies). So, some notable author or someone recently published a letter about how we’re all about to be slaughtered in the streets if suppressors are removed from the NFA list. Seriously. You have to read the brief screed in whole to believe the profound stupidity in it. Correia opens with a full copy of it before tearing it apart point by point.

Here ‘s the opening rebuttal (original letter in italics):

Now let’s break down Elizabeth Moon’s hyperbolic silliness, line by silly line.

So the House is once again trying to sneak through a bill that deregulates silencers on personal weapons. Yes, they really want us all dead…

That’s just stupid. If congress wanted us all dead it would be easier to just put the democrats from Flint in charge of our water supply.  

they really want to make it easier for their right wing goons to shoot us and not be heard doing so.

That’s right. Congress wants roving bands of redneck ninja death squads, silent but deadly, offing delicate Bambi-like progressives who were just standing on the corner minding their own business. 

It was that stupid line which caused me to write this blog post. I like Moon’s books, but that line took the gold in the thousand meter moron.

Here was another block that had me laughing till I choked:

And can keep people from knowing there’s someone going around shooting people, so they’re easier to shoot, and nobody knows it’s happening.

Sure, if you’re dealing with TV assassins using action movie physics. Those Redneck Ninja Death Squads are elite operators.

No witnesses, no investigations, no prosecutions.

“What do we have here, Sergeant?”

“Well, Detective, we’ve got a body with multiple gunshot wounds, there’s shell casings over there, we’ve got eye witnesses, security camera footage from the surrounding buildings, cell phone footage from the bystanders, and a bunch of other pieces of forensic evidence… But nobody actually HEARD the gunshots due to the whopping 28 decibels of reduction. So we’ve got no case.”

“Okay, cool. I’m just going to call it a day. Praise Trump.”

“Praise Trump.”

Enabling careless irresponsible hunters (the kind who shoot people “by accident” without being noticed.

Following that logic we should take the mufflers off of cars so that drunk drivers don’t get away.

Plus, I like how she puts by accident in quotes, because you know how it is out here in red state flyover country, with us constantly getting away with outlandish murders and nobody ever notices. All I have to do is tell my local sheriff, “aw shucks, I totally thought he was a cow” and we all have a good laugh.

Wow. I’ve been in the Redoubt for some time now and still haven’t been invited to join a roving band of Redneck Ninja Death Squads. Maybe I just need to end more of my sentences with “Praise Trump” and then I’ll get the invite.

“You didn’t say ‘Praise Trump’ at the end of every sentence! You must not be from around here…”

To Buy or Not to Buy

One other thing adding to what Correia says about the real risks of hearing loss. Sure, you can throw on some hearing protection and it might be annoying. But I was surprised to hear from some pregnant women that there is an apparently growing body of solid evidence that gunfire can damage the hearing of an unborn baby in the womb.

Those pregnant wives can throw on hearing protection and get some practice and proficiency, but what hearing protection do you give an unborn child? Or do you just risk giving birth to a deaf baby? Certainly, a suppressor would significantly reduce those risks as well.

So, should you buy one now or wait? I’ve talked to a few guys who set out to buy one but were persuaded to wait by the gun store.

The outcome depends on when you buy and whether anything in the law changes. Here are the possibilities:

  1. You buy now. The law never changes in coming years.
  2. You buy now. Then the law changes after you buy but before you get your product.
  3. You buy now. The law changes after you get your product.
  4. You wait. The law doesn’t change.
  5. You wait. The law eventually changes.

So here’s the impact of the above:

  1. If you buy now, and the law doesn’t change, at least you’ll have a suppressor within about a year, and can use it.
  2. If you buy and then the law changes, you’ll be able to pick up the suppressor a lot sooner and might get your federal tax money refunded. Or not, but maybe you’ll have a suppressor to use in a matter of months rather than a year.
  3. You buy now and have a suppressor within about a year. Changes will probably not be applied retroactively, but maybe you can drop some of the regulatory hurdles like maintaining a gun trust or all the ID paperwork for owning an NFA item.
  4. You wait and wait and wait. The law doesn’t change. Years from now, you still don’t have a suppressor, haven’t started the year long process, and are still waiting.
  5. You wait and the law changes. Hooray! Here’s why this is terrible for you. The existing stock of suppressors is going to sell out overnight. Your local gun store might have ten in stock, but they’ll all be gone the morning the law changes. Are you one of the store owner’s very best top ten friends? And even if you are, would you get bumped by an all cash buyer? The suppressor stock is not going to recover for some time as manufacturing works to catch up with the radically expanded demand. While there’s a shortage, prices will go through the roof. In this scenario, it might be even longer and more expensive to get suppressor than scenarios 1 or 4.

Maybe you should reach out to your preferred dealer and start up the NFA buying process now, just in case the law DOES change…