Here’s some great news for those concerned about the law of the land remaining the law of the land. ICE has just arrested about 450 of the most criminal illegals from various sanctuary cities.

Here’s a link to the news from Fox. LEO’s are already trying to counter the inevitable media spin, stating in advance:

The raid, referred to as “Operation ‘Safe City’” in a news release, spanned four days in cities through the U.S., and ended Wednesday.

Illegal immigrants with criminal charges or known gang-affiliations were targeted, the release said, noting that recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program were not.

From what we’ve seen of sanctuary cities so far, how much do you want to bet we’ll hear speeches from mayors denouncing this “un-American” act which deprived these cities of such beneficial contributors of diversity and multiculturalism? They will probably dig up or photoshop some image of a child in handcuffs, akin to the Trayvon Martin coverage showing only respectable youthful school photos and not the more recent hoodlum photos in his social media profiles.

I’ve gotta give credit to Trump on enforcing the law of the land. For all the leftist hysteria on the DACA, it was a smart move on Trump’s part.

  1. DACA was an Obama executive order deliberately circumventing Congress’s inability to pass the desired legislation to the same effect.
  2. Further, the executive order simply expressed that the congressional immigration laws would not be enforced in whole categories of law-breaking individuals, because prosecutorial discretion.
  3. Trump’s actions accomplish the following:
    1. Undo dictate by executive order
    2. Restore enforcement of the law
    3. Sets a specific delayed timeline, which puts the ball back in the Congressional arena where it belongs. If Congress doesn’t want “dreamers” to be sent home in accordance with US law, then they need to get their act together and do their jobs and pass US laws to that effect, rather than relying on the executive to unconstitutionally promise to violate the laws passed by Congress on the subject.

As to the whole Obama era notion of not enforcing the law due to “prosecutorial discretion” it’s obviously a smokescreen, due to the successful Federal lawsuit against one of the border states. Prosecutorial discretion refers to an overloaded justice system choosing not to prosecute SPECFIC lesser cases due to overload in the system and not enough manpower to do the work needed. For Obama to have applied it to whole categories of individuals is an abuse of the concept itself, because it was not applied on a specific case-by-case basis. Further, if Obama lacked manpower to enforce the law, why didn’t he simply ask for more money? After all, the RINO-controlled Congress at the time was granting Obama’s entire budgetary wishlist to show how magnanimous and willing to compromise they were. (Compromise means yielding on some to get some. Not folding like a cheap suit to give the other party everything they want while getting nothing in return, which is what the RINO Congress was actually doing.)

Further, one of the states (Arizona?) stepped up and basically said, “Okay. The feds say they don’t have the manpower to enforce US law in our state, so we’ll step up and fill the gap with state LEO’s.” The Obama feds sued and won to block the state from helping them out.

So the feds wouldn’t enforce the law due to excuse of ‘lack of manpower’ but also weren’t going to ask to hire more manpower nor accept any voluntary help from states with a vested interest in law enforcement and manpower to spare. Sounds much more like the goal was to not enforce our laws by any means necessary, and now Congress is complaining that Trump won’t continue to rule by executive order so congressmen can sit around and get paid well to accomplish nothing.