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Author: Redoubt Patriot

Heating Your Greenhouse with Renewable Energy!

Those of us who live in northern climates know that maintaining minimum temperatures overnight and during the winter months is critical to operating a full year greenhouse without suffering significant, or even the complete, loss of your crops. Even without the threat of loss, the efficiency and effectiveness of your greenhouse will be significantly reduced without the ability to keep nighttime temperatures up during the late winter and early spring months when you are attempting to germinate seeds and protect the tender growth of seedling plants that are just waiting for the right time to be transplanted into your...

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Real Life TEOTWAWKI, part 1

There’s a great deal out there about survival theory and ideas. Almost anything can sound great if the writer is persuasive enough. But the key test of all these great ideas is to see how they hold up when disaster finally strikes. Here’s the first in our series, as told by survivalist Peter Grant.

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The Abundance of Water in the American Redoubt

The Abundance of Water in the American Redoubt How important is this resource? Water is one of the foundational elements of life and a resource that you must have access to in abundance if you are going to make your homestead or retreat a viable place of self-sufficiency. While the practical aspects of accessing and storing water are very important (I will cover those in a future blog post), having the legal right to the use of that water is becoming increasingly important. Given the ongoing issues of drought that has been plaguing the western states, the current levels...

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Flee the Sanctuary Cities!

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