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Tactical Shooting in the Redoubt

The other day our friends at VerTac (Verretts Tactical Firearms Training) had me over for an impromptu test of a new moving target system they are developing for use with their LEO and CCW students in Northern Idaho and Cali. Although we are very busy with Real Estate clients, we enjoy taking a few hours off to ensure our skills stay sharp, as Brandon says ‘Crazy people do crazy things at the worst time, always be ready’. Watch the Video below! The system was just built a few days ago and this was the first go around, literally. They...

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FOR SALE! Off Grid Waterfront Acreage on Lower Arrow Lake BC, Canada

Lot 1 & Lot A, Renata/Johnson Creek FSR near Edgewood, BC Looking for the ultimate PRIVACY!! Survival Retreat Consulting Approved Retreat! An outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true with this stunning 47 acres of natural untouched LAKE FRONT property. Bordering crown land and accessed by boat or by forest service road you are guaranteed peace and quiet! Pristine clear lake water from the head waters of the Columbia River. The coloration seen in the video and photos is from floating conifer pollen which is shed in early June! It’s natural! This property is located just 55 miles due north of...

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We must NEVER allow Sharia law in the USA!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill 45, more commonly known as “American Laws for American Courts,” or ALAC. It prohibits the use of any foreign law in the state’s courts, specifically in family cases that involve marriage or parent-child relationship matters Breitbart  One of the bill’s co-authors Representative Jeff Leach (R-Plano) thanked the governor, who signed HB 45 on Wednesday. Leach called the law “vitally important bill to further safeguard and protect our Constitutional rights!” In the last legislative session, Leach authored the comparable yet unsuccessful ALAC measure, House Bill 562. HB 45 lead author Representative Dan...

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Flee the Sanctuary Cities!

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