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Police Departments Stocking Up on Riot Gear in Preparation For Summer of Rage

Purchases of riot gear by police departments are surging across the country as civil unrest grows, with fears that major American cities could see more violence this summer. According to an investigation by Muckrock which is based on Freedom of Information Act requests, numerous different police departments have spent six figure sums on things like “bean bag launchers, smoke grenades, pepper spray launchers, to plated body armor, helmets with protective visors and throat guards, and aluminum batons,” in the last five years, and the total outlay is increasing. Take Denver for example; Spending on riot gear by the Denver...

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Always Carry!

Here are a few fast videos of a couple gunfights. Watch and learn!           For our LEO’s out there, here’s how fast it can go wrong. This Deputy must have already been drawing his firearm, I can’t imagine he drew and fired in less than a second.       If you have read down this far, we spent the day in the Yaak River Basin with a client checking out some cool property! Here is a shot at the Yaak Falls with the LWRC M4! Always Carry!      ...

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Flee the Sanctuary Cities!

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