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Author: Redoubt Patriot

Trump Says Stricter Gun Laws Would Have Meant ‘Hundreds’ More Deaths In Texas

President Trump said Tuesday that stricter gun laws would have equated to more deaths in Texas this past weekend, and that ‘extreme vetting’ for purchasing firearms is ‘not going to help’. Steve Watson | – November 7, 2017 Trump, currently on a tour of Asia, answered questions from reporters in Seoul Tuesday on gun control in the US, following the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday. “The city with the strongest gun laws in our nation is Chicago and Chicago is a disaster, it’s a total disaster,” Trump said. “Just remember if this man [who fired...

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White SJW Racists!

The video says it all, no need for my commentary. Regardless of your skin color, you’re welcome to move the the Redoubt to flee the racism of the Sanctuary Cities. It’s OK to be White, Black, Brown or Yellow here, just don’t be a damn SJW scumbag and you’ll be welcome in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Come here, work had and raise your family....

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Train With BCM Gunfighter Kyle Defoor

Kyle Defoor is a professional shooter who teaches firearms and tactics to military, law enforcement, and civilians. Specializing in pistol, carbine, urban sniper, and CQB, Kyle gained his knowledge from decorated combat service in multiple war fronts as a special operator and as one of the first and premier tactical trainers in the world. An active motorcyclist, hunter, climber, runner, and waterman he can be seen on multiple TV shows, magazines, websites, and on ranges worldwide. To learn more, read the words below from the man himself; I am lucky. Lucky that I was born in an area that...

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Redoubt Photos of the Week

Rogue Infidel will start out with his photos this week. Rolling out to evaluate a property for a client. Custom 300 Blackout pistol, Medkit, go-bag and discrete tote for the pistol so the lemmings don’t get excited…     Here is one of our doors at the Ranch…Always have your body armor close!     Tired of living where your guns are felonies? Move the the Redoubt now!                                                              ...

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Flee the Sanctuary Cities!

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