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Author: Redoubt Patriot

Musings of a Rogue Infidel: An introduction

Welcome to the Musings of a Rogue Infidel. What is this rant all about? As you may know the Redoubt Analyst is a highly educated former military officer whom is the Senior Editor and gatekeeper of the American Redoubt blog. He is the machine behind this website taking my middle of the night ideas and wild rat-hole projects and turns them into what you see, from the Resources section that is ever expanding to help you all make your move to the American Redoubt to insanely in-depth articles about a myriad of subjects. Nobody could do it better, especially...

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Hippie Permaculture in the Redoubt!

Since most Preppers are more conservative in nature this leads to many of our clients having extensive knowledge in the defensive genre (firearms, tactics, medical trauma care et cetera) and end up lacking the necessary skills to grow the food year round enabling them to live full time at their retreat when a major event unfolds. Enter the ‘Redoubt Hippie’ as we have coined it. If you only read one post on this blog, let it be this one. Remember, Food Production comes before Defense! If you can’t produce food why would you stay at a property? You’ll have...

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New Resource: Outdoor Recreation (Mountain Biking)

We have gathered all the Resources you’ll need to plan a spectacular mountain biking trek in the American Redoubt! Depending upon your expertise level and your need for downhill danger or just a nice ride in the woods the Redoubt offers it all. The resources cover a large range of Mountain Biking choices from ‘Rail to Trails’ (mostly easy rides) to our favorite ‘Single Tracks’ which highlights beginner to ‘Black Diamond’ runs where you’re sure to need a paramedic if you crash! We have also provided links to the Ski Resorts that offer Summer Downhill and Cross Country Trails!...

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Redoubt Marketplace: Micro Brewing & Craft Distilling

Micro Brewing & Craft Distilling in the American Redoubt. If you enjoy the finer attributes of a locally brewed craft beer or distilled spirit paired with the appropriate fare, then you’ll love this new resource in the Redoubt Marketplace we have put together for you! The resource websites below allow you to research by individual state, read about the chosen firm, get directions, view the firm’s website and even plan a travel route to visit your chosen breweries / distilleries! Research and find a craft Brewery in the American Redoubt HERE. ( Research and find a craft Distillery in...

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