Welcome to the World of Prepper Architecture!

This resource is designed to help everyone decide what type of home they want to build or what type of improvements to make to an existing home, when they move to the American Redoubt.

We have set this resource up in several categories to expedite your learning curve and research to avoid getting bogged down reviewing information that’s not pertinent to your specific needs.

We have resources for almost everyone’s budget, from Log & Timber framed, Earthship designs to Sea Containers and even Bunker design resources. Remember that you can find the type of structure you wish to build or the improvement needed and tailor that to your budget based upon square footage and whether you’ll be doing the work yourself (DIY) or hiring a licensed contractor. If you’re on a limited budget either DIY or simply cut your square footage down. Americans are used to having huge homes with massive wasted space so consider downsizing, even to a Tiny House Design to make your dreams a reality!

Category 1:   New Home Construction (Includes all standard and alternative construction methods)

Category 2:  Existing Home Retrofit and Improvements (includes safe rooms and bunkers)

Category 3:  Fortified Homes, Shelters and Bunkers (new construction only)

Need a Fully Self-Contained Bunker?