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The Final Refuge of the American Patriot!

We built this for a purpose, but there’s still more of the vision to come. Here’s a bit about where we stand and where we are headed.


The vision for this site formed from conversations between several residents in the Redoubt who spend time helping others find a more self-sufficient life in this last American frontier. We were often asked the same questions, again and again. We were happy to answer and share our hard earned knowledge, but we also wondered, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single resource folks could go to, which answers all the common questions in one place?”

True, there are many excellent survival and preparedness websites out there already. We frequently read many of them to keep on learning. But for the average person who only just started thinking about a Strategic Relocation to secure a better and more independent future, you could drown in the wealth of good info out there. Your eyes might glaze over, or you might suffer ‘paralysis by analysis’ and not make your move when the opportunity is best.

What can help you to zero in on the info you need to make a wise choice for your Strategic Relocation? You’re loved ones are counting on you to lead them to a safe region of the country, far away from the Alt-Left crime infested Sanctuary Cities and States.

This is the first purpose of the site: a one-stop-shop of information focused on helping folks outside the American Redoubt decide on the best destination for a secure retreat or full time family homestead.

But anyone who’s read survival preparedness material is aware that no family can stand alone during disaster. Your local networks are important in any disaster scenario. We wouldn’t be helping others if we brought them here and left them to fend and learn for themselves. And there are other folks already here who are also trying to expand their local network. They may also be willing to share knowledge and experience, barter, and build a strong neighborhood.

And there may be local businesses who have just what you need but not the mega-corporate advertising budget to let you know they’re here. Odds are, you want to support local businesses so they’ll still be here when disaster strikes; and they want to provide their expertise and value to you for a fair exchange.

Thus, the second purpose of our site: to provide for the encouragement and growth of local networks in the American Redoubt, both to aid new arrivals in the Redoubt and provide mutually beneficial opportunities for people and key businesses already in the area.

The Website Today

There comes a time to move on from pipe dreams and get our vision out there, even if there’s yet more value to be added. If we all waited for perfection before making a move, nothing would ever get done.

We’ve collected a solid amount of starting resources for those researching and planning a relocation. (Spend some time under our RESOURCES menu.)

We also have a lot of info to share to start building those local networks for like-minded, prepared folks. (Check out the REDOUBT MARKETPLACE menu, and join the FORUMS when they launch.)

This is enough to get moving at helping new arrivals and current residents. But it’s not all.

Where We Go From Here…

We are building a FORUMS section to foster local conversations, barter, and information exchange. We also want to hear from our readers. What is currently most helpful? What other good suggestions do you have? Two heads are better than one. A whole crowd of like-minded individuals helping each other forms a strong community toward that common purpose.

We will be creating a submissions page. If you currently reside in the Redoubt and have a business or area of expertise that would benefit our readers, we want to hear from you. More voices at the site creates more material of interest. And for businesses, these aren’t ads but they do give you increased exposure to a large group of people interested in what you bring to the table. Let folks hear your voice, see your expertise, and reach out to you if you have what they need.

This is just the start, but it will be exciting to see where things go from here.

If you are, or know someone that may be interested in submitting Letters To The Editor regarding anything about the American Redoubt, please simply fill out our CONTACT FORM and let us know!

Character Matters!

In the American Redoubt .com  movement we absolutely disavow discrimination towards any race, religion, group or party as protected under HUD guidelines. We will not work with those that are intolerant of others. America was founded on Freedom, let’s keep it that way. This does NOT cover Moral or Political views, no apologies to the Alt-Left Tyrants.

This site is not owned, managed or a joint venture of any kind between this website and the founder of the American Redoubt movement James Wesley, Rawles. You may visit his site at SurvivalBlog.com




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To be clear, please don’t send us hate mail calling us any number of terms that Social Justice Warriors love to use. The bottom line we don’t care what color your skin is, where you came from, or what you do in the confines of your property. We just don’t want to be around folks that only tolerate others if they agree with them. I’m talking about the Alt-Left. Please just stay in your Sanctuary Cities and leave us real Americans alone. I fled the city to get away from you, so just stay there. Ok?

It’s a sad day in American when these Disclaimers are a requirement. The Alt-Left can say whatever they want, even threaten the life of POTUS, and seemingly get away with it. They should all move to Antarctica.

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We wish you the best of luck in your Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt and hope you enjoy the website!