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An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) can be generated by a high altitude nuclear explosion (HEMP) and a Geomagnetic Storm (GMS) is induced by a Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) on the sun. Taken together, they are the two most likely threats that can completely devastate a modern society and transform it into a “New” Dark Ages. To understand the full range of consequences and damages associated with the detonation of an EMP device, or a severe GMS, one needs only to look at the current social economic conditions of today’s modern society. The physical and social fabric of the United States, and other developed nations is sustained by a complex and dynamic network of interlocking and interdependent infrastructures whose harmonious functioning enables the myriad actions, transactions, and information flow that undergird the orderly conduct of civil society in this country. The vulnerability of these infrastructures to EMP threats — deliberate, accidental, and acts of nature, is incredibly severe and has the potential to render this nation into a state of devastation, starvation and anarchy. At Hardened Structures we provide specific hardening designs, fabrications, components, installation and construction services to mitigate the effects of EMP, HEMP, GMS, Blast, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear weapons. Electronics are used to control, communicate, compute, store, manage, and implement nearly every aspect of modern military and civilian systems. When a nuclear explosion occurs at high altitude,...

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Fortified Homes, Shelters and Bunkers

What to Expect when Planning a Hardened Shelter with a Professional Team of Engineers and Architects This article is written for people who are considering building their retreat with a fortified shelter. Here, we will thoroughly explain the entire process on the shelter design and construction phases with our design professionals (engineers and architects) and other building industry professionals (general contractors, subcontractors and product vendors, etc). Because it is impossible to protect against all threats and hazards, adopting a “balanced approach” in designs that considers intended functions, threat mitigation, and budget, is imperative. This is where Hardened Structures experience and know-how separates our Team from the general purpose Architects and Engineers. Our Teams experience has shown there is no one-size-fits-all or formula of security features and programs that will ensure 100% safety against all man-made or natural disasters. In order to meet our client’s goals and budgets, our Team ensures each project is designed and specified to meet a particular hierarchy of anticipated threats, not all possible threats. In other words, Hardened Structures’ Team designs your facility to achieve what we term ‘Balanced Survivability’, ensuring that no one system or component is the ‘Achilles Heel.’ No matter if your personal threat hierarchy focuses first and foremost on a regional natural disaster, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical or EMP/HEMP event, or forced/armed entry our experienced and highly specialized team of engineers, scientists...

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