Idealogical Subversion leads to Civil War?

This video from Utah Gun Exchange explains what is happening in American right now. We may be able to come together and stop this, however, it may be more realistic to flee the city and acquire rural property. The ability to grow your own food on a defensible parcel of land outside of a small rural town will be your best chance to survive what may come. America is on a path of self destruction thanks to idealogical subversion on many fronts and the crisis is at hand. Sell your property in ‘liberalville’ and head to the mountains. 

You may need to rewind the video to the beginning and turn on the volume. It’s worth watching.

 Welcome to the American Redoubt!

The Last Refuge of the American Patriot

Fellow Americans,

Now, more than ever the location you choose to reside and raise your family (or retire) will dictate many aspects of life. Freedom, Safety and overall wellness of your experience here on Earth.

Idaho, Montana and Wyoming make up what we call the American Redoubt. A refuge for freedom loving patriots of all backgrounds. 

There are people in this country that want to dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights using any means necessary. We all know who they are. If you want to live among fellow Americans that will actually come together and fight for freedom, then consider relocating to the American Redoubt.

Our real estate and consulting firm is dedicated to helping oppressed people of all backgrounds flee tyranny and find freedom in rural towns across the American Redoubt, the last refuge of the American Patriot.

The American Redoubt will undoubtedly be the last hold out and battleground should society fall into the abyss. We will resist tyranny at all costs. So bring your friends and family and help us build a refuge for years to come. 

It’s no coincidence that ANTIFA has not attacked any city in the American Redoubt. Why? Because we show up in the hundreds and even thousands to support our local law enforcement personal to ensure that they can keep the peace. As they were trying to burn and loot Spokane Washington in June 2020, a domestic terrorist organization called ANTIFA sent a few scouts to Coure D Alene Idaho. They were met with hundreds of armed Patriots, including our R/E team. They left. 

In the American Redoubt, All Lives Matter, regardless of race and we proudly support Blue Lives Matter. If that offends you, then please do not use our services and certainly don’t move to our land. 

If you see value in raising your children to defend our God given rights, then you should give us a call.

Flee the City and make your Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt!

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