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New Resource: Medical Care

We’ve added another resource our readers requested: identifying the nearby medical facilities. If you’re planning a relocation, or wondering if there are other options in your vicinity, give this one a look!

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What is the Redoubt really like?

Perhaps you are contemplating a move to the Redoubt but have not visited yet. You may be wondering, “What’s it really like out there?” Wouldn’t it be great if a team like BBC Earth came in and filmed the Redoubt, so you could see it at its best before visiting? This movie accomplishes that.

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Tips to Survive Armed Robbery

An LEO from one of the big cities shares some key tips for avoiding and surviving armed robbery. We blend it with some military knowledge and stories from local Redoubt firearms instructors to bring you the best in advice.

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Montana From Above!

Let’s have some fun on Friday and take a look at the Montana landscape from above! This video will temporarily transport you far away from the gun shots of the city to life in the majestic Redoubt!

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Real Life TEOTWAWKI, part 1

There’s a great deal out there about survival theory and ideas. Almost anything can sound great if the writer is persuasive enough. But the key test of all these great ideas is to see how they hold up when disaster finally strikes. Here’s the first in our series, as told by survivalist Peter Grant.

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